Biome Bioplastics and Sue Flood partner to raise awareness of solutions to global plastic pollution

22 June 2018
Biome Bioplastics and Sue Flood partner to raise awareness of solutions to global plastic pollution

Biome Bioplastics are delighted to announce their partnership with renowned wildlife photographer, author and filmmaker Sue Flood to raise awareness about the extent of global plastic pollution and the existing solutions.

Sue spent eleven years at the BBC, working with David Attenborough as Associate Producer on the award-winning series The Blue Planet and Planet Earth.  Now, Sue works as a wildlife photographer and guide; spending 6 months of the year on location.

Photo credits: Sue Flood

A sea lion on the beach in the Galapagos Island (South America). Photo credits: Sue Flood

She has received several awards for her work, including International Photographer of the Year and Travel Photographer or the Year.

Her partnership with Biome Bioplastics will see Sue reporting from the seven continents of our planet on the effects of plastic pollution on ecosystems and wildlife.

Having spent almost 30 years as a wildlife filmmaker and photographer documenting wildlife and wild places around our planet, the issue of plastic pollution has grown in my awareness as I’ve encountered the damage it causes even in the most remote places. 

“This year, I’m planning to tell the whole story about my expeditions, not only the amazing parts but also where I come across the human impacts on our planet.  I’ll be bringing back the plastic that I encounter from all seven continents, donning my lab specs to analyse the chemicals present in them. – Sue Flood

Photo credits: Sue Flood

Plastic pollution in the Svalbard Archipelago (Norway). Photo credits: Sue Flood

Working closely with Sue, Biome Bioplastics will look into where bioplastic products can solve plastic pollution by offering plant-based and biodegradable alternatives to oil-based plastics.

“Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time and raising awareness on its global scale is more important than ever. 

Sue’s experience as a filmmaker and photographer and her commitment to protect wildlife and biodiversity make her the perfect ambassador.

“We are looking forward to receiving her reports on the scale of plastic pollution to see where bioplastic alternatives can be used to solve this international crisis.” – Paul Mines, Biome Bioplastics CEO.  

You can follow Sue’s journey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.