Building on 20 years of development activity, we produce an impressive range of high-performance bioplastics that meet our customers’ demands for both environmental and end-of-life performance. Based on renewable, natural resources, our products are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and suitable for the wide array of plastic processing, including injection moulding, sheet extrusion for thermoforming and vacuum forming, blown film, lamination, extrusion coating and monofilaments. Whether you want a product with high temperature performance or low viscosity, we are here to help.

High temperature

Our BiomeHT range for moulding and thermoforming shows unrivalled heat resistance whilst being from a sustainable source.

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Our highly capable BioMesh non-woven materials offer tailored functional performance coupled with the eco-credentials of bio-resins.

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 Fibres and monofilaments provide a sustainably sourced and biodegradable alternative to polyamide resins.

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Flexible films

Film grades offer enhanced print and adhesion characteristics, enabling excellent print quality at high production speeds.

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Contact us to learn more on our development activities around dispersion coating.

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Film grades are designed for lamination within complex multilayered film structures with excellent barrier performance and interlayer adhesion.

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Key properties

  • High renewable content: We aim for the highest possible bio-based content in all of our products, reducing the use of non-renewable, oil-based resources.
  • Enhanced performance: We focus on the production of high performance biopolymers that offer a competitive alternative to conventional
    oil-based plastics.
  • Range of feedstocks: Our products use a range of natural feedstocks including potato starch, corn starch and cellulose. We look to use GM-free materials wherever possible.
  • Biodegradable: All of our products are 100% biodegradable and compostable according to EN 13432 and ASTM D6400 standards.
  • Food safe: Our product range is both EU and FDA food contact approved.

The range and capability of our products are continually expanding. They are already in more places than you might imagine. In the next decade we will see bioplastics become part of our everyday lives.

Sally Morley, Managing Director, Biome Bioplastics


  • Existing machinery: Our product ranges are developed to process on conventional machinery with no modifications required to existing equipment.
  • Lower temperature: Bioplastics typically require lower production temperatures, providing energy savings for the converter.
  • Recyclability: Production waste can be re-granulated and used with virgin material.
  • Productivity: Doing anything new requires a little learning. Our technical team provides support from the outset to optimise productivity.

Need a custom blend? 

We work with our customers on collaborative projects to deliver market-changing opportunities. Our specialist technical team can work with you to develop custom blends with properties to suit your exact requirements.
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