Biome3D ready for US 3D printing market

July 2015
Biome3D ready for US 3D printing market

Biome3D is being launched in the United States by 3Dom USA. Made from plant starches, Biome3D is a biodegradable thermoplastic that combines easy processing and a superior print finish, while offering much higher print speeds.

John Schneider, President of 3Dom USA, explains: “At 3Dom USA we strive to offer innovative and environmentally-sound products that perform with the integrity of petroleum-based products. The Biome3D filament delivers just that. It’s very easy to work with, it’s a great alternative to PLA and it rivals ABS for when brittleness is an issue.

Plant-based plastics are already a popular choice for 3D printing because they are much easier to work with during processing, and are food safe and virtually odour free. However, oil-based printing filaments are often still used because they have a higher softening point and make more flexible models that will bend before they break. Biome3D combines the benefits of both and demonstrates that high performance plant-based plastics can be the ideal material for the 3D printing industry.

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